Charityville Jail Western Re-enactment &                              Living History Team
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Charityville Jail Western Re-enactment & Living History Team
Chatsworth, California 91311
818-723-0613 George or 818-730-9961 Willie
" Have Jail Will Travel"

  The Charityville Jail Re-enactment & Living History Team is based mainly in the San Fernando Valley area of Southern California. Made up of a group people from all walks of life, this group of people are dedicated to the team.
   We formed the group for a couple of reasons.
   First, we wanted to help in Charitable events. We knew that once we introduced an Old West type of jail and the re-enactments of the old west with our shoot-out scenarios, that we would be able to raise monies for causes that really needed it, whether it be for preservation of history, such as different area Historical Societies or charities for children too charities for incurable diseases. We all just wanted to help!
   Another reason we formed the group was to help people remember some history of the United States. With a few of our members being historians of the old west, we complete that task with little or no effort.
   It also goes without question we all also enjoy and have a lot of fun doing what we are doing!
   We have on occasions performed at Social events, Birthdays and yes at, Western style themed Weddings, which we have used the Jail with just the arrest and warrant scenario and photo opts.
   All of are characters are wearing original style clothing, using either replica, blank firing, and real weapons of the era. All blank firing and real weapons fire blanks in our shoot-out scenarios. When it comes to the shootout scenarios, safety is our main concern. So, if your event calls for this type of scenario we will need your time to go over our safety concerns and rules and of course, permission from the law enforcement agency in charge.
  We, at Charityville Jail Western Re-enactment & Living History Team, pride ourselves on our friendships with other groups providing services to help us bring you an enjoyable time at the functions we attend. There is a list of our friends and their services on our contact page. Please support them like you do with our group.
   So, just take sometime and browse through our website and of course enjoy our pics, which we will update from time to time from different functions we have attended.
   Feel free to call the telephone numbers at the top left, drop us an e-mail at for any questions or see us at an event for further info!
   Ya`ll come back and visit soon! Ya hear!

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